What do you believe is your purpose in life – what is your personal mission statement – and how are you incorporating that purpose daily?

As a single woman in a conservative family, I think one of my purposes has been to show my family by example that a woman can be very happy and independent and successful without a man and that kids are not necessarily what make your life whole.That being said, it does not mean that I don’t want a life partner. I consider myself very lucky to have had 2 great loves of my life..and I am open to another one. At around 20, I made the decision of not wanting to become a mother. I love my nieces and nephews dearly; still it never made me want kids of my own. That has been a learning lesson for my parents: coming to terms with having a daughter that is happy on her own, without the traditional standard of a husband by a young age and kids.

What are your top five values? Do you feel those values are reflected in your daily life?

My top  values are:






Helping others

I try to make them a part of my everyday activities and in my relationships.

When was the last time you did something for the FIRST time?

I try to so something different every week. Especially at work, I make it a habit to open myself to new ideas, people, opportunities.

Was there a defining moment in your life that helped you crystalize what you want to do in life?

When I got transferred from the editorial part of the company I was in.

That’s when I decided God was making it uncomfortable so I was forced to take action. No more comfort zone!

Exhausted and so happy at the same time a year and a half later!


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Gabriela Serna

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