In essence, what I call Human Sustainability today has always been what excites me, what It makes me excited when I think about it; In more innocent moments than others I have participated in an endless number of groups, in government agencies, in the UN, in all kinds of missions and volunteers, activist and religious groups. As time went by, I realized that everywhere there are capable and totally dedicated people, in many cases there are even strategies and resources to implement changes and solutions. However, I have witnessed a strange effect, as if we were serving tea in a cup that is not visible, but is broken. This fracture effect, which manifests itself as the lack of well-being, more or less evident in some than in others, the lack of mental, emotional and physical health of all of us, men and women who have the capacity, and with it the responsibility , to write history, to make everyday decisions that aggregate and define the circumstances and frameworks of everything. Mothers and fathers, bosses, rulers, leaders, teachers, activists, “giving everything for the cause” and, in spite of it, suffering, fragmented, separating ourselves from our families, our friends, ourselves. 

What is the purpose of this proposal for a new humanity? Be present Here and Now, do not fall asleep, do not use coping mechanisms that cause us not to be present or expand consciousness and not awaken our abilities to respond to life to get involved and participate. That is the invitation. That is the challenge of this century: fighting indifference and weariness to reverse the degradation of life.

Our words take care of ourselves, forge us. If we choose each one well, we can express what we feel and think. What we are deep down: human beings. Words have the potential to change our vital narrative, just as actions shape individual and collective life. My work, for ten years or more, has to do with two powerful words: Human Sustainability.

Our humanity is divine, a gift that we must keep in equanimity and share with our collective. More than body, mind and spirit, separately, we are individuals who participate interdependently, codified by reference schemes with information that has been replicating from generation to generation for years. It is important to update ourselves to live in service by and for our group. We are part of a divine continuity that travels through us and connects us with past, present and future. 

Beyond the discourse of self-improvement, the impact of humanity’s lack of well-being is very clear. We see the reflection of the decisions outside integrity that we have taken individually and collectively. I use the word integrity in its sense of non-fragmented piece, a cohesive whole. In general, the lack of integrity with oneself and with the collective is a symptom of dysfunctionality and therefore is not sustainable. 

I dedicate myself to sensitize the issue of sustainability on all fronts dedicated to humans that we are in charge of other humans, decision makers, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians. In any of these contexts it is possible to transform ourselves from the inside and align ourselves towards a prosperous life.

Because I live it every day and because I learned to believe in myself, I am sure that in each of us it is possible to make a shift towards Human Sustainability. A collective aware of itself and its actions. Self-regulated and dedicated to satisfying intrinsic motivations, such as peace, empathy, evolution, sense of purpose, relevance and belonging to active participation, which does not depend more on the system of punishments and rewards so prominent in our groups.

The reality we perceive through the senses, the meaning we give to space time, the way we measure energy in isolation, is not consistent with the fact that life is a continuum, a sea of ​​experience where everything It is overcast. Reality is not logical, nor linear, much less predictable. Even so, we give meaning and purpose to that continuum. Therefore it is necessary to give structure to our way of understanding life. That’s where our platform comes in, to make sense of the here and now of each individual that belongs to that divine continuity.

I find it fascinating to see again and again how human beings are able to lead flows of life through us and to our causes, to be links between the possible and the impossible. Simultaneously, this fracture that today I call the lack of integrity, through which life escapes us, keeps us fragmented, filling us with judgments, guilt, shame; We compensate these grievances with all kinds of coping mechanisms: addictions, depressions, obsessions and endless conditions that share the common denominator of being distracted from being present Here and Now, making individual and collective decisions.

This is not an answer, it is a huge and dynamic question in which we all fit. It is an invitation to study and explore seriously, with all the experience and seriousness. Invest resources and time to a new narrative of humanity, in which all worlds are possible, and within which each small universe synthesizes its experience for the sake of global homeostasis.

I think the solution is each of us. And every time one of us aligns, we all get in better tune. This invitation to experience and explore Human Sustainability aims to make a real change. In integrity, motivated, without falling asleep to external or internal reality. But living in a plane of higher consciousness where inside and outside are in the same plane of importance. Without resorting to coping mechanisms or having to ignore the chaos that our society has created. True, there are those who have lost hope and prefer not to do anything. To survive without losing our humanity, we must be present Here and Now, using the best response skills we have.

Human Sustainability itself the ability to expand in magical and fantastic ways. It is what we are – within and with everyone – what we are looking for. Therein lies the ability to improve to synthesize the reality in which our house is the house of consciousness. We travel in that state of being. And our individuality is the protagonist of our history. It is the star in the center and in front of the scene. The one that we are. In such a story, we can join words (qualities and verbs) to form a new idea of ​​humanity, such as a phrase or statement that allows us to work any circumstance: Human Sustainability The more we use that phrase, the more energy we have to face global crises.

Responsibility and participation from the integrity of the conscience of service, this is the goal of my platform, my way of life, a mission that I share with each of you today. Hoping they make it yours. Anyone who feels that the world does not have to function as it does at this time can approach Human Sustainability. This is a call to keep us present from the value, action and individual and collective will. If each of us begins to transform his inner life, the outer world will soon begin to reflect those transformations.

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