From a young age, no matter where we are from, we are taught about collaboration, connecting with others, creating bonds and learning with and from each other. It’s the fundamental purpose of preschool – socialization and learning to interact with one another. This continues through college, sports, events, the arts. 

In today’s society, there are two missing links: one, we’ve lost the ability to truly connect with ourselves and therefore others in the digital age where we can learn and make connections through our internet connections and smartphones. Second, we’re not making as many connections outside of our own geographic communities, in other countries and with other cultures. 

What happens when we reach across borders and make meaningful connections across cultures?

Deeper understanding. 

Global awareness. 

Power to impact change through ideas on a larger scale. 


The challenge is that despite all the new ways we have to connect, we may not be using them to think bigger, further and globally. 

Why? Because we have been conditioned to focus on our own bubble. 

I’ve seen what can happen when people from different backgrounds and cultures come together and I’d like to share some of my favorite experiences:

With one of my first non-profits, Learning Through Art, I partnered with the Guggenheim Museum…we brought together people of all ages and cultures and connected through a passion for learning through art. Through these connections, students involved were able to find their own ways of expression in ways they never had before. 

My marketing firm, New Ground Partners, created events designed to bring together US and Mexican brands and media to bring greater awareness across borders. By facilitating communication through meaningful events, the brands I worked with not only benefited from global exposure, but also gained insight on how to think beyond borders in their communications.

Today, I am building The Source Summit with the mission of giving women across the globe a platform to make connections – both to deepen the connection within themselves and connect with others to learn and impact change. We’ll share stories from women around the world about their passions, their experiences and their struggles and insights to strengthen one another and our world.

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Gabriela Serna

Gabriela Serna is the CEO and founder of The Source Summit, a motivational wellness brand recognized for its leading role in creating impactful conversations that connect and inspire people of different cultures.

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