Natalie Aguilar, owner of Los Angeles’ celebrity skin boutique N4 Skincare, believes that healthy skin is truly the most important factor in achieving a beautiful and radiant complexion. Known for their holistic approach to skincare, we asked Natalie and her co-founder and sister Nadia, to share their advice to care for skin as the seasons change and we are exposed to colder climates.

The Source Summit: Can you share three ways we can take care of our skin during the Fall and Winter months?

Firstly, professional exfoliation is a must! Once the accumulation of dead skin, and debris, has been removed from the face and neck areas there is an increase in product absorption; allowing for skincare products to work their magic. Our Signature Gem Facial is ideal for these colder months as our precise exfoliation helps keep our clients’ skin bouncy, dewy, and able to retain it’s moisture and hydration.

During the colder, Fall and Winter months, our skin may experience dullness, dryness, and even chafing. A wondrous product to include into one’s skincare routine is a potent, and beautifully textured hydrating serum or face oil. Two of our personal favorites are the Advanced Aqueous Treatment by ProPlus from ‘Life Line’s medical-grade line and The Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum by ‘PCA Skin.’

During the cold season, we consistently tell our clients to place a humidifier by their bedside so that their sleeping environment is comfortable but also functional by adding some moisture to their skin.

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is key. Because it’s cold, our bodies typically do not ask for as much water as it does during the Summer. But it is important for us to remind ourselves, or force ourselves, to drink plenty of water. The key to healthy, hydrated skin most definitely begins on the inside.

Lastly, one of our favorite methods to keeping our skin supple, and hydrated, during the Fall/Winter season is by massaging an organic Grape Seed oil over our bodies before showering or bathing. Doing this, will help to create a barrier to prevent water loss from the warmer showers and baths that we take when it’s cold out.

The Source Summit: Why do you feel it’s important to use organic products on our skin?

Although we love a variety of skincare products, we purposefully use organic products for our unique clients who are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Sometimes people think that organic, or natural, products are always better options. However, Mother Nature is not always nice. Think spider venoms, toxic mushrooms, or just plain fungus that can contaminate it’s surroundings. Often times, clients complain to me that they’ve been using organic products but are not seeing results. This may be due to the lack of potency in the ingredients; which in turn decreases the efficacy and the results.

The Source Summit: What does N4 stand for and tell us your story of how you began in skincare?

In short, N4 stands for Nurse Natalie and Nurse Nadia. The number 4 is also our favorite number! It just so happens that it is also the number of the universe; given that their are 4 atomic elements that make-up roughly 96% of our bodies. As well as the 4 elements of nature which are Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

We are very proud to say that we have gotten to where we are today by having the opportunity to grow organically. At a very young age, Natalie knew that skincare was what she wanted to do and who she is. From becoming an aesthetician at the age of 17, and working with some of the most prestigious names in skincare, and cosmetics, such as Chanel, La Mer, La Prairie and etc. to later studying to become a nurse. Then, flashback to 5 years ago, Natalie and I were both working with some of the biggest dermatology offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Today, by working very hard, we have been able to combine our knowledge, acquired from the last 17 years, and applying both our aesthetic, and medical, knowledge to create what is now N4 Skincare.

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