In my recent conversation with Barbara Muschetti, a successful film producer and one of the amazing minds behind the IT movie series, she revealed that she didn’t feel she had discovered what her purpose in life is yet. This from a woman I, and many others, admire who has worked hard and experienced tremendous success. It made me realize that many of us are still on our journey to find our purpose in life – and that purpose can evolve along the journey too!

Why Purpose?

These is so much buzz around “purpose” – now more than ever, we desire to define what our mission in life is so that our efforts align with a higher, bigger vision. 

So, how do you discover and then incorporate your purpose in your day-to-day life? Here are ways I have discovered to align me and keep me on track with my purpose – which is to bring people together and connect us all with sources of information that inspire, help us grow individually and allow us to impact change collectively. 

  • Discover your voice and your strengths

As speaker and author Jack Canfield suggests, explore what you love to do and what comes naturally for you. Then, focus on how you can express that with a greater audience. For me, my love of creating connections manifests in and our events which bring voices together. 

  • Practice meditation

Starting each day with moments of stillness and intention helps me stay on track and focused. Meditation does not have to be a long process, it can be a quick check-in to center yourself and set your intention for the day and make sure it aligns with your purpose. There are great apps available – has a wonderful app with guided meditations from amazing people to help you get started.

  • Ask yourself questions

Along the way, ask yourself if what you are doing – in your career and personal life – still aligns with your purpose and if not, how you can adjust to stay on track. This doesn’t mean having to make big changes; something as simple as just shifting your mindset and approach to how to do things is all that is needed. And while not ever task will bring joy, I try to do at least one thing each day that brings me joy.

  • No pressure!

Don’t beat yourself up if something throws you off your purpose – we are human, we are busy and the daily hustle can certainly consume our lives. What’s important is to remain mindful and practice daily rituals that are tied to your purpose. The way I keep on track is to take baby steps towards my goals, celebrate each victory – big or small, practice gratitude and give back in any way I can. 

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Gabriela Serna

Gabriela Serna is the CEO and founder of The Source Summit, a motivational wellness brand recognized for its leading role in creating impactful conversations that connect and inspire people of different cultures.

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