I’ve been on a quest for many years, trying to understand myself deeply, to grasp what was holding me back from feeling truly alive.

Feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, I came to the realization that I did not wanted to live numb, I wanted to feel everything, being present in my life not feeling stuck and confused. Then I decided to let go of the illusion that I was totally able to control the wheel of my life, with compassion and love I surrendered completely to my soul’s guidance.

Through this quest, I started to travel more often – at any opportunity I could, alone, with friends, close and far away, to unexpected places, with the purpose of trying to calm my mind and reconnect with myself and the Universe.

This has taken me on different adventures, most recently to Joshua Tree a few days ago.

My friend and I embarked on an adventure, looking to connect with our creativity, ourselves  and nature. As part of the program, Tonelise our host, gives us an aromatherapy class, where I learn about the origin, history and properties of each oil. We also get to make our own mixes and take it home.

After our aromatherapy class we headed to an hour of Sound Bath Session with Ryan. It started as a very relaxing experience for me, then unexpectedly a profound shift inside myself as I felt the vibrations edited by the Tibetan singing and crystal bowls, ti was clearly a healing process, tears were rolling down my cheeks and my heart felt fully opened, when the session ended, as I walked out side the room, I felt the warm wind on my skin, my eyes where watching  a magical sunset, with colors I had never seen before. I took a deep breath and started weeping sacred tears of Joy and Gratitude, connecting me back to me, to us, to the Universe. I am free! I have always been!

The truth was coming back to me again, WE ARE ONE. Our capacity to love ourselves and others, has no limits. I t travels through every breath, tear, laugh, thought, intention, vibration, touching every particle of this Universe. We are all connected. I just need it to open myself to the opportunity to experience it.

To complete our night, Tonelise cooked the most amazing organic Vegan feast, we could ever have. We ended up having open hearted conversations about our dreams, life’s purposes and our gifts to share with the world. It felt like home. We are all a soul family.

Before we left the property, I noticed a little note framed on the wall that said:
“I am not afraid of tomorrow, since I’ve seen yesterday and I’m in love with today.”

I can share with you, that I’m walking my path: “It’s the freedom of my soul that connected me to the Source.”

I invite you to ask yourselves: What is freedom to you? How do you connect heart to heart with others? What do you practice to connect with the Universe? What brings you Joy inside?

Here are a few examples that I practice to connect with the Universe and stay in my freedom:

  • Getting out in nature. I feel grounded and connected, from watching the sunset or taking my shoes off and feel the wet, cold grass on my bare feet.
  • Meditate, breathe in love, breath out love, try to hush your mind off.
  • Share with the Universe or Spirit your heartfelt dreams
  • Write 3 things that you are grateful for every morning.
  • Watch out for sings and Synchronicities.

Allow yourself to try new things, travel to unexpected places, go out of your comfort zone. You will be surprise of the experiences and blessings that will come your way, if you only open your heart and are willing listen to yourself and the Universe.

To learn more about this magical experience, visit http://www.magical-retreats.com


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  • Beautiful share Kathia. I really resonated with your suggestions on how to re-grlund yourself and find connection from the inside out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amplias Felicitaciones a Kathia Molina, es uno de los textos más placenteros que haya leído sobre el descubrimiento de un alma como parte intrínseca de nuestro Ser Universal. Lo sorprendente es que Kathia Molina con tersas palabras y en un pequeño espacio, nos permite ver de frente, lo mágico que en sí contrae el encuentro divino de un Ser con sus tres universos: El Yo consigo mismo_El Yo con su origen de Natura y el Yo unido a la vida en plena libertad.

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