Mexican fashion designer Raquel Orozco is known for her gorgeous creations that provide style and comfort for all women. We sat down with the fashion icon to learn about her journey to launching her own label, the inspiration behind her line for girls and the Fall fashion trends we should all know about.

The Source Summit: How did you get started in your career as fashion designer?

Raquel Orozco: I started working at my brother’s clothing company, where we made more of a junior’s line. I wanted to create a more elegant and stylized line, designed for real women with real bodies, so my brother told me it was better to do it by myself.

I later worked as a freelancer for different companies, until I could afford a small workshop at my house where I started to create my own designs, as my own brand. I started making my own labels and cards by hand, because they were for very few pieces and no one made small amounts of stationary. I wanted to perfect day by day my brand and image with what I had in hand, and always made by me.

I used to sell my pieces in my apartment, where my friends and their friends used to come. Suddenly, I had people over every day. It was really exciting because people liked what I created and designed. I can’t even explain how amazing those moments were, because I could make a living out of what I created and loved, it was truly unbelievable. That’s how it all started.

TSS: What is your inspiration in designing your clothing?

RO: It has always been real women who inspire me. My friends, women I admire, women who work for their dreams, women who fall and get up, strong women, real women. My goal is to make them feel beautiful and comfortable.

Music is vital when I design. I listen to Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Chet Baker, Stacey Kent and John Mayer. I also love to paint, and whenever I’m painting, designs come to my mind.

That’s how it works for me, when I gather all my ideas, everything flows.

TSS: I love that you also have a kids line. Is there something specific you have in mind when designing fashion for young girls?

RO: This collection was created because of my daughters, out of a need for a dresses line that they would really like to wear. I always chose their clothes and then they wouldn’t use it, and I didn’t like that.

So I asked them, what if I designed them dresses with everything they liked and wanted, would they wear it? They jumped with excitement. So I started to take notes and create sketches (they got even more excited) and then we started having fittings with them. They would comment on the fit and the cut of the dress and we would take this into consideration, trying to make them as comfortable as possible. Color was super important, as well as having soft feeling fabrics. Designs continued to flow and that’s how this small collection was born, a collection of dresses for girls from 6 to 14 years old and their special events, and is now available in our online store.

TSS: Was there a defining moment in your life that helped you crystalize what you want to do in life?

RO: When I dressed up, I wanted to look elegant, trendy, be comfortable with the fit of the clothing and most importantly, that it was easy for me to dress myself. By this I mean that with only one protagonic piece, I could look great. This is why I started to make only dresses at first. Dresses that I could wear to a business meeting, but also to an event, only by changing my shoes and accessories. My main goal was creating pieces that were timeless.

My friends started asking for the dresses and I used to receive all the girls at my apartment, until it was time to look for a more public space. This is when I opened my first store.

TSS: What are the top trends in fashion for the fall?

RO: Leather skirts, textures in fabrics, handmade textures such as appliqués, embroidery, hand painting, pleated fabrics, silk and sateen. White is the main feature of the season. I love doing brand defining pieces for each collection, like hand painted pieces or with hand embroidered details. We also do jumpsuits and t-shirts with personal phrases.


Raquel Orozco is a fashion designer based in Mexico, creator of the namesake exclusive fashion brand, where clothing is created with the real woman in mind. Design, trends, comfort and exclusivity take center stage in the company’s mindset, wanting the modern cosmopolitan woman to feel unique and stylized when dressing up.

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