The Source Summit: What is the Sersana Method and how did you develop it?

Ana Jimena Ramirez: The SERSANA METHOD is a functional training program that builds healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle of fitness and health.

I developed the training method as a personal way of keeping my own body healthy and in shape during years as a professional dancer and fitness trainer. I realized that simplicity, consistency, building on stability and strength keeps the body fit, strong and injury free. The method digs deep into the experience of working your body intelligence, feeding it good food, working with proper alignment and movement on the beat, to great music ! which keeps the class exciting and dynamic.

TSS: On the fitness side, tell me some of the key exercises that make up the Sersana Method

AJR: It’s amazing because really the actual exercises are quite common and basic. Such as planks, squats, push ups, jumping jacks, and burpees to name a few. It’s all in the creativity and dynamic in which you deliver these exercises, the progression and modification can feel like I took you to the stratosphere. How they are put together with rhythm and intensity is all the difference. Each class has a different dynamic in order to always surprise the muscles in turn suspires the clients as well. Action, fun, intelligence, proper alignment and good music is a formula that makes us stand out.

TSS: On your website, you talk about nutrition being an important part of the Sersana Method. Tell us about your philosophy on nutrition.

AJR: Our philosophy on nutrition really is based on creating a balance of good quality food in your life. Clean eating with a focus on using food as preventative medicine as opposed to a DIET to only get ripped. When you are eating clean ,healthy,and balanced as well as training your body intelligently, it is a recipe for your best body. We send menus to our clients that are training in our intensives and it is geared to teach our clients that having healthy consistent habits that last is always superior to fad diets. 80% is what we put in our body the other 20% is exercise, sleep, and managing stress.

TSS: How do you transform lives with the Sersana Method?

AJR: We simply give our clients the tools in order to begin changing habits that may not have been working for them. We are all about community, support and good feels. When someone begins to feel confident in their choices and starts to feel people are lifting them up, Its like a chemical reaction of the body knowing that feeling good is something it likes. We then begin to look for more ways to build on that. SERSANA provides the space for our clients to find information they can trust and know we are here to support their journey.

TSS: What’s next for Sersana?

AJR: Lots of surprises!!!! More Sersana for everyone: more studios in Mexico and other countries, online training and some nice merchandizing 😉

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